A Jack Russel Terrier Saved This 61-Year-Old Vermont Woman’s Life After She Was Attacked By A Bear

Lubo Ivanko - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

On Saturday, August 20, a sixty-one-year-old woman from Strafford, Vermont, suffered a near-fatal bear attack. But, her beloved dog miraculously saved her life.

Susan Lee had taken her two dogs– a Jack Russell Terrier and a Labradoodle– for a walk on her property when tragedy struck.

She first noticed that her dogs had oddly moved out of sight. Then, she heard a loud sound and realized that a bear was charging right at her.

“Ms. Lee stated that she tripped on a stone wall as the bear charged her. Then, she felt pain on her upper left leg and realized the bear was on top of her and had bitten her,” the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department reported in a press release.

And despite this terrifying event, Susan’s Jack Russel Terrier– a breed that only weighs on average about fifteen pounds– remarkably intervened.

The pup began barking at the bear, which turned its attention away from Susan and onto the dog. At that moment, Susan was able to get up and run back down the trail while her dog followed her.

Then, after reaching her home, she was able to dial 911 and text a neighbor, who immediately transported her to the hospital.

Susan’s injuries were thankfully found to be non-life threatening as she only sustained a bite on her upper left leg and numerous scratches between two and nine inches long. So, she was treated and later released from the hospital the same day.

And as for Susan’s Jack Russel Terrier– he was not harmed either. Her Labradoodle also returned home later that day.

Following the terrifying encounter, wildlife officials did inspect the attack site and determined the bear had been an adult female with cubs.

Lubo Ivanko – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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