A Jack Russel Terrier Saved This 61-Year-Old Vermont Woman’s Life After She Was Attacked By A Bear

“The attack was likely provoked when Ms. Lee and her dogs surprised the group,” authorities said.

However, further efforts to locate the bear ceased since the attack was deemed “defensive” and not likely to pose an additional threat to public safety.

And even though bear attacks are highly rare in Vermont– with only six thousand black bears present in the state– bear biologist Jaclyn Comeau still described how hikers should still remain vigilant during this time of year.

“At this time of year, black bears are moving in family units, and mothers will be protective of their cubs,” Comeau said in an email to USA Today.

So, if you encounter a bear, it is imperative that you remain calm and back away slowly. And, if attacked, immediately fight back.

To read the complete press release issued by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, visit the link here.

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