After Booking A Hotel Room With His Girlfriend And Getting To See Her Living Habits Up Close And Personal, He Feels Disgusted By Her

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A guy has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for the last 2 months, and last week was the first time that he has gotten to see her living habits up close and personal.

They booked a hotel room to stay in for a week, and he has never before spent that much time around his girlfriend.

So, this has been quite an eye-opening experience for him, and not in a good way at all.

“…I’m honestly super grossed out and don’t even want her to touch me; I don’t want to eat breakfast with her, I don’t want to eat or drink after her or especially kiss her,” he explained.

“Her bad habits: she plugs one side of her nose and shoots snot out of the other onto the ground instead of blowing her nose like normal.”

“She smacks food super loudly and with her mouth open. She SLURPS her coffee, every single sip, and then GULPS to swallow it. It sounds so dramatic; I’m not sure how you can ever drink coffee that loud.”

Oh, and over the last week, he has only witnessed his girlfriend brush her teeth on one occasion, and so he attempted to get her to brush more frequently by going out of his way to brush his own teeth right in front of her. She didn’t get the hint.

Another living habit that his girlfriend has that he finds disgusting is that she does not wash her hands.

She will go to the bathroom and not wash her hands, and she will do things like allow dogs to lick her hands and not wash them either.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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