After Her Dad Invited Her Stepmom And Stepsister To Move In With Him, She Threatened To Evict Them Both Since She Owns Half The House

She wondered why her dad had never spoken to her about this, and he claimed that the house belonged to him and she was no longer going to be living there, so that was his reasoning behind not filling her in on this.

“So I reminded him that I was, in fact, co-owner of the house, that I’d still be coming back, and that this room is my cat’s safe haven, who would have to stay here since I can’t have her at the dorms, and I didn’t want to disrupt her even more than she already would be with a dog in the house (she doesn’t like dogs),” she said.

“My dad scoffed and said if I wanted to pull that card, I should have been paying bills, and I completely blew up.”

“I told him that while I didn’t pay bills, I cleaned, cooked, and did laundry on my own for five years while working a 60h week for school so I could get a full-ride scholarship (which I did).”

Her dad was quick to dismiss all of the effort and hard work she had put into their house, and he said everything she pointed out had no meaning.

The day after she had this argument with her dad, she purchased security cameras and put them inside her room.

She let her dad know what she had done and said that if he wanted to move his stepsister into her room, she would know, and she would happily be evicting her and her stepmom.

Although she can’t kick her dad out of the house, she can kick them out of the house.

“If my cameras are removed, they get evicted,” she continued. “If they do not comply, they get evicted.”

Her dad was completely irate with her and called her a not-so-nice name. She then chose to call her stepmom and speak to her about everything, and her stepmom was so understanding of her feelings, as was her stepsister.

She then found out that her stepmom and stepsister had no idea that all of this was going on between her and her dad.

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