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After She Broke Up With Her Insane Ex, Her Friend Started Dating Him, And Now Her Friend Is Mad That She Never Warned Her About How Bad This Guy Is

With time, she moved past being so upset about losing Emily as her friend, and 2 months later, she and John stopped being together.

John didn’t take their breakup so well, and he kept on messaging her and calling her relentlessly.

He insisted that an awful thing had happened and he desperately needed her to help him, but she didn’t buy it and didn’t speak to him.

Curiosity got the best of her, though, so she decided to look John up on social media…and then she noticed that Emily was commenting on his posts with flirty messages.

“The comments started a week after we broke up,” she said. “I was really taken aback, and it hit me that it was a possibility that he might’ve been cheating on me behind my back.”

She was so upset for several months following that social media discovery, but then she moved on with her life.

Right now, this is an entire year in her past. A couple of days ago, Emily sent her a message asking if they could chat.

She mentioned to Emily that she really didn’t want to, and Emily then let it slip that she had started dating John right post their breakup.

She responded to Emily that she had pieced that together based on the comments she had seen on John’s social media account.

“A few seconds after I sent that message, I got a call from her,” she continued. “I answered, and she blew up at me, saying, “If you knew we were dating, why didn’t you warn me about him?!”

“I asked her what she was talking about, and she said, “You dated him longer than I have, so you must’ve known how horrible he was! Why didn’t you warn me?! I would’ve warned you!”

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