After She Got Cheated On, She Made Her Ex Pay For Her Nose Job In Order To Keep Dating Her

The odds are that if you frequent the TikTok app, you have seen the latest trend using the “glimpse of cash sound.”

You know, the soundbite that starts off with a snippet of the song “Glimpse Of Us” by Joji before switching to an automated robot-like voice saying, “Insert cash or select payment type. Use pin pad to complete the transaction.”

The popular sound has already been used for over thirty-two thousand videos and has been liked by tens of millions of users on the platform.

And most TikTokers have been using this soundbite to narrate unfortunate or sad scenarios where, instead of receiving comfort, people are asked to pay up.

For example, one TikToker– who has the top liked video using this sound– created a commentary video on the American healthcare system immediately asking for payment after you lose someone in the hospital.

But, this soundbite has not been used for only doom and gloom scenarios. Instead, one woman recently shared that the sound actually hilariously represents precisely how she got her post-breakup glow-up.

Apparently, she was once cheated on by a boyfriend, and, after she found out, the guy asked her what he could do to fix it. So, she took the opportunity to secure some cash.

“I told the guy that I would continue to see him but that he would have to pay for the nose job I really wanted because he caused me to have insecurities, and also, I did not want my time to be wasted because what if he cheats on me again?!,” the woman explained.

TikTok; pictured above is this woman in her video

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