Applebees Teams Up With Winky Lux To Offer A New Line Of Buffalo Wing-Inspired Lip Glosses Called Saucy Gloss

Well, since hard-launching the collaboration on social media three days ago, the public has understandably had mixed opinions.

After @Applebees shared a date-inspired music video campaign for the “Saucy Gloss” line on their TikTok account, hundreds of users took to the comments and shared some hilarious responses.

“That awkward moment when you forget what you’re selling,” commented one user.

“I’m hungry, but I want makeup?” asked a second commenter.

“We let them do this to us,” joked a third.

Nonetheless, some TikTokers actually loved the fresh marketing play.

“Applebees’ downfall was that they were not appealing to the younger generation. Guess what, they are doing that!” wrote one user.

“Why does this slap, though? Like I am going to buy this now,” shared a second user.

“This was fierce for just an Applebees commercial,” wrote a third.

To try out the Saucy Glosses for yourself, you can visit the Winky Lux website here. Or, to watch Applebee’s original music video campaign, visit the link here.

Do you think that savory glosses will be just another PR play, or could they really catch on? 

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