Are Museums Great For Dates? People Discuss Whether Or Not This Is Actually A Good Idea

“The conversation flows more naturally than when you are staring at each other over a meal.”


And Some Offer More Hands-On Activities Aside From Browsing

“It is totally a good date idea! You should see if the museum offers any scavenger hunt activities.”

“I did that at the Met in New York City, and it was so much fun. It is almost impossible not to have an interesting conversation because you have a sheet of clues that you have to figure out together. It is super fun and a neat way to get to know someone.”


Just Beware Of Trying To Lecture Your Date

“It is fantastic unless you are going just to teach them about things. That, despite your best intentions, can come off as a little condescending.”


“That’s a good point. I love going to museums and talking about the work. But, getting ‘taught’ during a date would be excruciating.”


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