Career Coach Condemns “Quiet Quitting” And Explains How The Trend Can Tarnish Long-Term Career Advancement Goals

One such expert is Emily Smith, the founder of Weekday Remedy and a certified career coach.

She recently took to TikTok to explain how this practice could actually demolish your career goals.

“I keep seeing all of these people who think that quiet quitting benefits them and not the company,” she began.

“That is not true because when you become apathetic, not only do you hate your job more, but you create a reputation amongst your colleagues.”

“And I know a lot of people are not going to like to hear this, but if you have career goals to do more than what you are doing now, what is going to get you there is the network you build at your current jobs,” Emily continued.

She went on to explain how if your job is genuinely so bad that you cannot find a network within your coworkers, then you need to move on and find a new job immediately.

However, if that’s not the case, then quiet quitting is a massive waste of your own time.

A few years down the line, your coworkers might be the very same people you are hoping to work with or under in a higher position someday.

But, by solidifying a bad reputation now, that potential opportunity may never come.

“Quiet quitting is literally wasting your time at your company and shooting yourself in the foot,” Emily underscored.

“So, please do not do that. And if you feel like you have no other choice, get a new job.”

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