He Did Not Recognize His Sister-In-Law When He Saw Her Without Any Makeup On And Figured She Was A Stranger Who Broke Into Their House

New Africa - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 33-year-old guy has spent the last 4 years married to his 32-year-old wife Kate, but before they tied the knot, they dated for an entire decade.

He knows Kate’s family quite well, especially her older sister named Emily. Kate and Emily are super close, and Emily comes to stay with them multiple times a month.

Emily also adores their kids and will take them to do fun things. They also do a lot all together, such as hiking or taking vacations.

He and Kate have never once asked Emily to step in to babysit their children since they hire a nanny to do that, and also, his mom pitches in. This is just something Emily enjoys doing.

“Now Emily is a lot into makeup,” he explained. “In fact, I have never seen her without heavy makeup.”

“Even when she stays over, she comes out from her room with a full face on and wears waterproof makeup to the swimming pool or to the beach. From what Kate told me, she has been like this since Emily was 13.”

This weekend, Emily was staying with them, and their daughter ended up sneaking right into Emily’s room and taking her makeup.

Their daughter then hid Emily’s makeup somewhere in the house, and this happened really early on in the day.

“When I woke up I bumped into Emily in the hallway while she was looking for her makeup and did not recognize her at all,” he said.

New Africa – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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