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He Gave A Girl He Met At A Bar A Fake Phone Number, And He Got Kicked Out Of The Bar Over This

moofushi - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old guy went out to a bar with one of his friends this week, and as they were privately talking, a woman a decade older than they were approached them.

They really did not feel comfortable having someone so much older than them insert herself into their conversation, but that’s pretty much what happened.

This woman was really hitting on him as she then launched into how she got dumped by her boyfriend, though she declined to give a reason as to why.

He and his friend politely listened to her go on and on, but a half hour into her talking about only herself, they were over it.

His friend signaled to him that they should wrap it up and find another place to hang out so that they could get away from her.

As he and his friend got up from their seats, this woman told him that he couldn’t leave the bar until he gave her his phone number.

“I told her I’m not into dating right now, but thanks,” he explained. “She says, “not even for me, honey boo?” This went on for another 5 or six minutes until my friend told me to just give her a fake number. So I did.”

“I wrote down a bunch of numbers and told her that: “just because you’re a looker,” then me and my friend grabbed our coats and left.”

“I’m not the kind of person that is attracted to people because they look nice, but it was just to get her to shut up and leave us alone so we could leave.”

moofushi – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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