He Hates Every Holiday That He Spends With His Wife, Since He Spends All His Money On Spoiling Her, Yet She Does Basically Nothing In Return To Make Him Feel Special

deagreez - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A man is currently married to his wife, and now he’s beginning to hate every single holiday that he has to spend with her.

This has been a gradual thing; it wasn’t anything that happened overnight, and there’s no deep, dark reason for why he hates the holidays with her.

His hatred for the holidays spent with his wife all comes down to how much he spends on spoiling her.

“Every year, I squirrel away money and save every penny so that come time for her birthday, Christmas anniversary, etc., I can get her something big that she has been wanting,” he explained.

“Designer purses, luxury watches, jewelry, clothing, shoes, trips, etc. The nicest item she has ever gotten me was a $150 pair of running shoes for my birthday this year which was the only gift she gave me, saying, “I want to save up to get you something big in the next month or so” (which never happened).”

So he goes all out on buying her anything her heart desires, and she, in return, does nothing to make him feel special too.

He’s about to celebrate his anniversary with his wife this weekend, and to celebrate, he purchased jewelry for her and also got her a designer handbag.

On top of that, he made a couple of gifts by hand and picked up some little gifts that he knew would make his wife emotional.

Then, in a month, he is planning to take his wife on vacation for her birthday for 7 days, and he spent a lot of time putting that together.

deagreez – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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