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He Just Found Out That His Girlfriend Owes $220,000 In Student Loans And He’s Not Sure He Can Continue Being With Her

Metzger - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 31-year-old guy has been dating his 25-year-old girlfriend for the last 3 years now, and as he has recently stopped to consider taking things further with her, he got a little scared.

The anxiety and fear he has regarding spending the rest of his life with his girlfriend all come down to one little fact about her: she owes $220,000 in student loans.

He makes $85,000 a year at his job working in the medical field, and he has $25,000 parked in investments, along with money saved up in case of emergencies.

He has really made an enormous effort to get to where he is financially, and he’s done this in order to set up his future family to live well.

So in contrast, his girlfriend is not doing great financially because she’s so far in debt from going to a private college for her undergrad.

His girlfriend then decided to go with a different option for her career than what she had studied for and went back to college once again.

His girlfriend is currently completing her nursing degree and wants to get a job when she finishes in injectable cosmetics.

On top of the $220,000 in debt his girlfriend carries from college, she also has about $2,000 in debt on her credit card.

“She is stating that when she gets out, she will be making around 75k to start and will pay $2,500 a month in student loans for 10 years to get out of debt,” he explained.

Metzger – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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