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He Made His Wife Stay At A Hotel After She Made His Daughter Feel Insecure About Her Wardrobe

And not only was he upset as his daughter’s father, but his daughter also felt completely insulted.

Apparently, Tanya had told her that the clothes would be her “new style” and that she needed to dress more “appropriately” in order for people to recognize her as a girl.

And after hearing about the comments, the man was infuriated and decided to confront Tanya about it.

Unfortunately, it just so happened to be the same day that Tanya’s aunt died.

Nonetheless, the man went through with it anyway and asked what had gotten into her.

But, Tanya simply said she wanted her stepdaughter to have a “glow up” and that she “needed to start looking better anyway.”

The wife also cited her aunt’s style and beauty as inspiration.

The man heard Tanya out but ended up saying that she could not take her own grief about her aunt out on his daughter.

His wife did not get it, though, and continued calling her stepdaughter a tomboy and degrading her appearance.

At that point, he had enough and told Tanya he would pay for a hotel but that she had to leave their home.

And since kicking his wife out, the man has been receiving a lot of pushback from his family, who believe he overreacted– especially after Tanya’s aunt just passed away.

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