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Her Boyfriend Asked To Split Their Bills 50/50 But She Said No And Claimed He Has Never Struggled A Day In His Life

But, just last week, Sam proposed they begin splitting their bills fifty-fifty– which made the woman extremely angry.

“I said that we agreed beforehand to split everything based on income, but he said that me not having a job is ‘something he has to deal with’ and that he wants me to start paying the same as him,” the woman recalled.

Nonetheless, she responded by explaining how she worked hard for her savings and that he does not have a say over what she does with the money.

Plus, the woman also wanted to have some savings left over for her own necessities.

But Sam was not having it. He called his girlfriend selfish and accused her of “mooching off him.”

“I told him that was not the case at all, but he would not understand that because he’s never had to struggle a day in his life,” the woman explained. Yikes.

Since making that comment, the energy between the couple has been extremely tense. And now, the woman is not sure if she was in the wrong for calling out her boyfriend like that.

Would you be upset if your girlfriend said that to you? What is the best way to split monthly expenses between partners? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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