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Her Boyfriend Figured She Was Fast Asleep When He Said That He Loves Her, And She’s Thinking It’s Probably Too Soon For Him To Be Feeling Like This

sepy - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 29-year-old woman has been in a relationship with her 35-year-old boyfriend for one month. A month before they started seeing one another, they met and had an instant connection.

They have been spending close to every single day together after they met for the first time, so they are getting quite close quickly.

“He’s wonderful and thoughtful,” she explained. “We have a lot of meaningful conversations and silly ones too.”

“Even mundane tasks are fun when he’s around. I’ve met his friends, and he’s met my family. I will be meeting his family soon.”

The guy that she was in a relationship with prior to her current boyfriend wasn’t so great, and after things ended, she spent several years being single.

She admits that she does not have a ton of understanding or knowledge when it comes to relationships, and that’s leading her to question if she is in love with her boyfriend yet or starting to fall in love with him.

She’s not sure how she feels, though she does like him a lot, and even just being around him makes her feel wonderful.

Her lack of experience also might be why she’s second-guessing something that happened with her boyfriend a few days ago, but let’s first revisit an incident that occurred one weekend ago.

That weekend, her boyfriend had a couple of drinks too many, and while he was close to falling asleep that evening, he confessed that he loved her.

sepy – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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