Her Boyfriend Has Been Liking Photos Of Other Girls In Bikinis And Following Models On Social Media But It’s Really Upsetting Her

SBozhok - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A girl has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for half of a year now, and she already is seeing a few red flags with being with him.

One problem with her boyfriend that she has had over the last couple of months is that he’s been liking photos of other girls in bikinis on social media.

As soon as she found out about this, she told her boyfriend that she found that pretty rude in regard to her.

After speaking to her boyfriend, she genuinely believed that he understood where she was coming from and that he would not do something to make her feel bad again.

Yesterday evening, she was checking out what her boyfriend was doing on social media, and she realized that he had just begun following 4 different female models on social media.

“I tried to not get mad at first, did some digging, and then realized that these were indeed new followers,” she explained.

“I brought it up by screenshotting and saying, “hey, not a bit deal but can you maybe give some context to this,” and then he never responded.”

“At this point, I’m irritated, so I let him know the next morning I’m just not psyched about the situation. He hits me with a “what are you trying to accomplish here?”

“He was extremely defensive and told me I went snooping for no good reason and when I found something I used it to validate myself and my feelings.”

SBozhok – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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