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Her Boyfriend Said That The Only Reason He Cheated On Her Is Because He Finds Her Super Boring

The following day, he asked if she could come to his apartment, and when she got there, she thought he was in a terrible mood.

She offered to leave, and after some time went by, he did want her to leave at around 11 that night.

“I did not argue; I got my things and left,” she explained. “He followed me in his car and asked to drop me home.”

“He explained he is stressed, is ‘messed up’, and can’t deal with this situation or his other stresses. I explained that I only want to help. He kept saying he is a bad person and that I deserve better.”

Days went by, and her boyfriend was continuing to give her the cold shoulder while insisting that he never wants to talk to her or see her ever again.

His change in behavior led her to believe that maybe he was cheating on her, so she messaged a few of the girls that her boyfriend follows on social media.

Every girl that she reached out to confirmed that her boyfriend has always watched their stories and then sent them love heart emojis.

That upset her enough that she tried to talk to her boyfriend about it, but he just blocked her after saying she should “have a nice life.”

He then called her up, accused her of being crazy, and promised he only did that to one of the girls; not all of them.

Then, 2 of the other girls she had messaged confirmed that he was trying to flirt with them too, and she decided to send the screenshots to him using her sister’s phone as he blocked her again.

She kept on finding more and more evidence pointing to her boyfriend having cheated on her, and she sent it all to him.

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