Her Boyfriend Wants Her To Re-Home Her Elderly Cat Because Cat Fur Keeps Getting In His Gaming PC

maryviolet - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman has been dating her boyfriend for almost fourteen years now and has been living with him for at least eight of those years.

And throughout their entire relationship, she has always had a pet cat.

Despite her now elderly cat never posing a problem for their relationship in the past, though, her boyfriend is now trying to convince her to re-home the beloved pet for a pretty selfish reason.

He is an avid video game player who recently purchased a new and expensive gaming PC. Since then, he has claimed that the cat’s fur keeps getting into the equipment and, because of that, wants her to get rid of the cat.

She has tried to mitigate the fur as best as she can by constantly brushing the cat. And for her boyfriend’s PC, the couple has even gone so far as to buy fans, air purifiers, spray dusting cans, and fabric covers to place over the computer.

Nonetheless, the cat still sleeps in their bedroom– like it always has– and her boyfriend believes all of these fur-preventative measures are still not enough if the cat is allowed in the bedroom.

“He claims he has to open up the PC to prevent it from overheating during some things and that he is tired of the car fur ‘floating into it’ while he is playing,” she explained.

But, she understandably refuses to re-home her pet cat after so many years together. And since then, her boyfriend has been locking the cat out– causing the pet to scratch and meow at the door all night long.

“She is used to sleeping next to me, and I honestly enjoy having her there. And I do not enjoy the comments from him telling me she has ‘got to go,'” she said.

maryviolet – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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