Her Boyfriend’s Sister Keeps Racking Up Bills On Their Credit Card, So She Froze The Account, And Now Her Boyfriend Is Furious

Drazen - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman has a boyfriend who, unfortunately, comes from a very low-income family. And even though he was able to escape the financial struggles and makes a decent salary now, he is still the only person in his family with a stable income.

Her boyfriend’s twenty-three-year-old sister, on the other hand, is apparently a “leech.”

“She is irresponsible, totally anti-work, and despises me,” she explained.

Her boyfriend’s sister’s hatred apparently all began after she had let the sister move in with her during the pandemic to help the sister out. But, while she and her boyfriend went away for a weekend camping trip, the sister threw a massive party and totally trashed the place.

“Of course, my boyfriend took her side even though he did not have any say in it– it’s my apartment. But, nowadays, she is straight-up rude to me,” she said.

In fact, the sister will even make remarks about not being able to wait until she gets broken up with.

Regardless of the harsh treatment she endures, though, her boyfriend still funds his sister’s entire life.

He apparently has a “soft spot” for his sister, but it has gone too far– especially because her boyfriend gave his sister his credit card, and the sister uses it without limits.

This has become a massive problem as of late since now she is pregnant, and she and her boyfriend need to mind their finances. And in the process of reviewing their budgets, she came to a scary realization– she is covering nearly seventy-five percent of their expenses alone.

Drazen – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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