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Her College Roommate Invited Her On A Luxurious Family Vacation, But Then They Kicked Her Out On The First Night

In turn, she and Meg were left to find their way in the kitchen alone. This was an especially stressful task for the woman, who had no real cooking experience.

She knows a couple of “staple meals” that she makes for herself and maybe one other person. But, the woman had never cooked for a group of nine and, being a vegetarian, had no clue how to cook meat.

So, she did eventually “screw up” in the kitchen by undercooking some chicken and overcooking some steak. Rather than being understanding, though, Meg’s father was furious and began criticizing the woman.

Then, she decided to speak up for herself, which only made him more mad.

“I  got short with him and told him that if he knew how to do it better, he could pitch in instead of standing around criticizing me,” the woman said.

To this, the father said the woman was on “his vacation” and that she should not act rudely. The situation only escalated from there.

The woman ended up calling herself an “unpaid domestic servant” while Meg’s parents both screamed at her. Finally, they ordered the woman to leave their suite and go home.

She did gladly leave and immediately called the airline about her ticket. The woman asked if she could somehow prevent the family from modifying or canceling her ticket, and, thankfully, the airline was able to add a passcode to her ticket.

Afterward, the woman also visited the resort desk to inquire about room costs. She explained how she was “stranded unexpectedly” and found out they had some pretty affordable rooms.

So, with her ticket safe and a new place to sleep, the woman decided to remain at the resort– just separately. After all, she still had enough money left over the support her own meals and tourist activities.

This plan went swimmingly for three days. The woman got to sightsee and lounge on the beach totally alone.

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