Her Dad And Brother Kept Making Jokes About It Being “That Time Of The Month,” So She Got Some Sweet Revenge

Alina - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman is currently in high school and lives with her father and brother. Unfortunately, her mom is no longer in the picture– and she also does not have a super close relationship with her dad.

“He’s not a bad dad. He is just a little old-fashioned, so he is closer to my brother,” she said.

And her brother’s closer bond with her father never really caused an issue until this year– because, over the past few months, she noticed that both her dad and brother have started to gang up on her.

More specifically, they band together to make fun of her “time of the month” anytime she gets remotely irritated or upset with them.

She has tried to tell them numerous times– both separately and together– that the “jokes” are really offensive and just plain annoying. Still, though, they did not seem to understand or care.

“They are totally minimizing how I feel about things. I feel like I had valid reasons for being annoyed, but they just brush it off even MORE and chalk it up to my period– no matter what time of the month it is,” she explained.

But, one more incident yesterday totally pushed her over the edge.

Her brother broke her iPad, and when she tried to confront him about it, he refused to apologize. Instead, he blamed the entire thing on it being “her time of the month again”– and she was rightfully pissed.

So, when she went out to dinner last night with her dad’s entire side of the family for her aunt’s birthday, she accidentally got revenge.

Alina – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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