Her Former Best Friend’s Husband Just Passed Away, And She’s Thinking She Should Skip The Funeral

Several days ago, this mutual friend that she still has informed her that her ex-best friend’s husband unexpectedly passed away.

She had not ever met her former best friend’s husband, as they began dating after she was out of the picture.

Her mutual friend told her that this man was wonderful, and her former best friend is crushed that he had passed away.

Although she does honestly feel terrible even though she’s no longer in her former best friend’s life, she’s going to do nothing to show her sympathy.

“I thought about sending some flowers or something as a small olive branch (not in an attempt to rekindle the friendship, just to offer my condolences) but then decided against it because I figured that hearing from me, a person she obviously doesn’t want in her life, may make her feel worse while she’s already grieving,” she said.

Yesterday, her mutual friend sent her a text to plan on being at the funeral, and she was astonished this woman thought she should attend.

She sent her mutual friend a text saying she was not going at all, and her friend freaked out on her.

Her mutual friend accused her of being self-absorbed and spiteful, but that’s not where she is actually coming from at all here.

She let her mutual friend know that because she had not heard a single word from her former best friend, she didn’t think it was right to drop in at the funeral after 8 years without seeing her.

She then said she would think about if she should send flowers along with her condolences, but she’s concerned that this will just serve to upset her former best friend further.

Her mutual friend kept hitting her with insults, telling her she shouldn’t assume things and that she’s cowardly.

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