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Her Friends Humiliated Her At A Buffet When They Went Out To Eat Together, And She Never Wants To See Any Of Them Again

“I don’t have cheat days as I genuinely need to eat way too much now, but I relented.”

Earlier that day, before meeting up with her friends, she did not eat breakfast so she could be prepared for splurging.

She also thought it would be a good idea to go through a tougher workout so she could be in the best place to fill up on foods she normally doesn’t eat.

Finally, it came time to meet her friends at the buffet. They got food together, and as she sat down to eat with them, she did end up eating a lot of food.

She saw that her friends were not eating much on their plates, but they began getting up to grab other foods for her to eat.

“I could see them giggling among themselves and watching me, I could clearly see what they were trying to do,” she continued.

“They went up and got more but were full and gave it to me as they didn’t want to waste it. They started talking about how they were so glad they didn’t diet as they couldn’t do what I do.”

“How I was so lucky for this ‘cheat day’ and how much I must have enjoyed eating real food for a change.”

“Then they started to make fun of how I ate. I ate a lot, but it wasn’t an obnoxious amount. Let me tell you, I was so embarrassed. I left early crying.”

She’s still feeling humiliated by her friends, and she doesn’t understand why they treated her like this.

If any of her friends were on a weight loss journey, she would have stood up to be their biggest cheerleader, and she would never have dreamed of doing what they all did to her.

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