Her Husband’s Older Sisters Have Constantly Bullied Her, So She Finally Stood Up To Them And Called Them Both Out

millaf - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

An Irish woman met an American man while he was on vacation in Ireland, and they hit it off really quickly.

So, she started a long-distance relationship with him, and that worked out very well for a long time. Then, she eventually married and moved in with him in America to begin a life together. And, for the most part, his family was very accepting.

“His parents were lovely, and his brothers and younger sister were both terrific,” she recalled.

Still, though, his two older sisters– Annie and Marie– were impossible to please. And as soon as she moved to the states, they would not stop fixating on cultural and lingual differences.

For example, she calls mothers “mammy” and grandmothers “nanny.” She also uses phrases such as “go to the shops” rather “than going to the store” and “give out” instead of “tell off.”

And after hearing her speak, the sisters would constantly make fun of her. Her husband even told them off a few times, but they would just brush it off and say they were kidding.

Nonetheless, the teasing got even worse after she gave birth to their first child. She was understandably over the moon about her new baby and posted an announcement on social media.

But, in the caption, she called herself a “mammy” and included photos of her parents as the child’s new “nanny” and “granddad.” And the sisters would not stop mocking her about it.

“They started joking that my family and I are so rich that we have nannies to raise the kids. Then, joked that I sounded like a child saying mammy,” she explained.

millaf – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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