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Her New Neighbors Kept Stealing Ice Cream For The Neighborhood Kids, So She Put A Lock On The Freezer And Gave Every Family Keys Except Them

Apparently, the new family’s children would always take way too much ice cream. And sometimes, they would even steal entire boxes of popsicles.

“Even the parents would come and snatch a few,” the woman revealed.

“So, I went to their door and told them that they had to slow down because the freezer was running out too fast, and the other kids were left with nothing.”

But, after confronting the new parents on the block, nothing changed. In fact, the very next day, the parents tried to take multiple boxes of ice cream back to their home.

And the woman had enough.

She ran outside and stopped the adults before demanding they put the ice cream back. And after some complaining, they did.

Nonetheless, the woman knew the same thing would keep happening. So, she came up with a way to work around the rude family without ruining the other kid’s ice cream treats.

“I decided to get a clasp lock for the freezer, and, the same day, I also bought multiple keys,” the woman said.

“I gave them to all of my neighbors except for that one family.”

“I would personally unlock it myself if their kids wanted an ice cream or popsicle.”

Apparently, the other neighbors on her block also agreed with the solution, and all was okay for a few days.

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