Her Parents Want To Take Her Inheritance For Themselves After News Of The Loan Forgiveness Dropped Last Week

Moreover, they want to take it for themselves.

“Literally all day, my parents have been harassing me to ‘give back my grandpa’s money,'” she recalled.

Apparently, her parents only found out that her grandparents would finally be handing over the money a couple of months ago since they were not expecting the last forbearance extension.

Then, right after President Biden announced the ten thousand dollar loan forgiveness, her parents called her grandmother again to see what they would be doing with her inheritance.

And that’s when they found out she already got it– and became super upset.

Apparently, they believe that with the salary she currently earns at her job and the ten thousand dollar loan forgiveness, she does not need the money.

Instead, they want to use it for their own interests; her dad wants to take some business courses, and her mom wants to enroll in “hobby art classes.”

And honestly, she recognizes that her parents are right. On paper, her finances look great, and she can pay off her remaining eight thousand dollar loan quite easily.

Nonetheless, she does not want to fork over the cash because her great grandfather would have wanted her to have it.

“It’s MINE. And my great grandpa had a stipulation that anything left over from the loans would be ours to keep. It’s not for anyone else, and my parents know this,” she said.

Moreover, her parents already received a generous inheritance from her great-grandfather as well.

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