Her Sister-In-Law Wore A White Top To Her Wedding, So This Bride Edited Her Outfit In The Wedding Photos, And Now Her Sister-In-Law Is Extremely Upset

“Then, my sister-in-law requested that the original photos with her white top be sent to her.”

She did not want to make a big fuss over the photos, though, so the woman did contact her photographer and asked for the original images.

But, the photographer said it would cost the bride and groom extra money since even the raw images with no editing counted as additional photos.

So, in the end, the woman decided the price was just too high to get only a few extra photos.

Instead, she told her sister-in-law that if she really wanted the original pictures, she could pay for them herself.

This made the sister-in-law even angrier, and, a couple of days later, the woman found out she was being disparaged behind her back.

She was sick of dealing with photo drama, though, and decided to text her sister-in-law to get to the bottom of all the gossip.

“I asked why the hell she cared about the white top so much, and she said she looked good in white and that she bought the outfit specifically since she wanted good photos,” the woman said.

“I was dumbfounded by that comment, so I just didn’t reply to her texts.”

Nonetheless, her husband ended up getting involved the following day. Apparently, the woman’s sister-in-law told her husband about the entire ordeal and is claiming that the woman is “insecure for editing the photos.” She also demanded that the woman apologizes to her immediately.

Now, the woman is completely confused about what to do.

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