Here’s How You Can Teach Your Dog A Cute Burrito Trick

Personally, picking out your special companion can be one of the most exciting and heartwarming moments you will face in your lifetime.

By the time we claim one of these furry friends as our own, a precedent has been set that involves teaching our beloved pals all the fun tricks.

Teaching your dog or cat tricks is not always an easy task. For some, this can be quite challenging. However, today’s generation is lucky enough to have an extensive digital realm full of technological advancements and fun apps to help get us through.

This is where TikTok comes in. @rosewell_weenie on TikTok has posted a video displaying the burrito trick that has since gone viral.

It’s pretty adorable that you can teach your dog to roll up in a blanket, just like a little burrito!

The creator behind this account has posted the perfect puppy tutorial involving her special companion Rosewell the Dachshund.

To begin, you must teach your pup how to hold an object. The creator also notes that you can gently hold their mouth as they hold their object so that you can get your point across. You may also want to try having your pup hold different objects. 

Next, ensure they can hold that object for a certain time. You may want to develop a release word. Once you have established an understanding, check to see if your pup can hold a blanket next.

TikTok; pictured above Rosewell does the burrito trick

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