Here’s How You Can Teach Your Dog A Cute Burrito Trick

On top of this, your dog will also need to know the rollover trick. Next, put the two tricks together to create a sequence.

TikTok; pictured above is Rosewell

Once you have both tricks down, lay a blanket flat on the floor. Have your dog stand on one end of the blanket and give them the signal to hold the blanket first, then roll over.

To make the process much easier for your pup, align them in the proper position along the edge of the blanket. The blanket may not wrap properly if they start from the wrong angle.

The creator recommends practicing every day for 15 minutes and rewarding your pup consistently.

Rosewell has a ton of fun and entertaining videos over on their TikTok channel. To follow @rosewell_weenie and see more videos involving the day and life of the dachshund, click here.

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