He’s Stuck In A Love Triangle After Learning His Newly Found Half-Brother Dated His Fiancé Before They All Met

He took the test and finally learned the identity of his biological mom– whom, after some consideration, he decided to reach out to.

Then, once he felt comfortable enough to meet his bio mom in person, he decided to bring Claire along for moral support. And, apparently, his bio mom was not the only one who showed up; Joe did, too.

“It was the first time Claire and Joe had seen each other in years. It was so awkward,” he said.

Nonetheless, he, Claire, and Joe all sat down to chat with his bio mom and acted maturely about the situation. Moreover, everything seemed to be going just fine after the fact.

Still, he never anticipated having a super close, brotherly bond with Joe seeing as they just met each other.

And, since he knew Claire before Joe, the thought of breaking up with her for Joe’s sake never even popped into his mind.

But then, after he eventually proposed to Claire, everything went downhill– because Joe was pissed.

“About a month after the engagement, Joe came to me quietly and said that he could not accept me as his brother if I have a relationship with his ex. And if we went through with the marriage, it would be the last time we ever spoke.”

So, understandably, he was pretty bummed out. After just being reunited with his half-brother, he did not think his love life would ever interfere with the budding family relationship.

Regardless, though, he was unwilling to sacrifice his fiancé for a half-brother that he had just met.

In turn, he flat-out told Joe that even though he would miss what might have been between the two of them, he would always pick Claire first.

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