His Girlfriend Threw Her Dog A Lavish Birthday Party But Acted Like His Birthday Wasn’t A Big Deal, So He’s Pretty Upset

sonyachny - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old guy has a girlfriend who is 24, and he has been dating her for 2 years. With every year that has passed, his girlfriend hasn’t had the money to celebrate his birthday by getting him a nice present or taking him out for dinner.

He has found this upsetting for the last 2 years, but he did understand that it just came down to her not being able to afford to do anything.

Although he has been upset for 2 consecutive birthdays over the lack of celebration, he didn’t anticipate his girlfriend doing something.

“About 1 year ago, she adopted a dog who is like a child to her,” he explained. “Her (the dog’s) birthday just happens to be a couple of weeks away from mine.”

“On my birthday, my girlfriend got me a small gift, which I appreciated, and I made sure to thank her for the effort.”

“The last couple of days, she’s been talking about making her dog’s upcoming birthday really special; she ordered close to $100 worth of pet toys, dog supplies, a dog cake recipe, and mold; she even bought the dog some new clothes.”

Well, in light of the fact that his girlfriend doesn’t go out of her way to make his birthday special, but she is able to throw her dog a lavish birthday, he’s quite sad.

He thinks his girlfriend is investing too much energy into her dog when her dog has no idea what a birthday even is.

He wishes his girlfriend wanted to treat him the same way as her dog, but she isn’t.

sonyachny – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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