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His Sister Left Her 5-Month-Old Baby In A Hot Car And The Baby Suffered From Heatstroke, So He Called The Cops On Her And Now His Family Is Livid

Alena Ozerova - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old guy has an older sister who is only a year older than he is, and 5 months ago, his sister welcomed a baby boy into the world.

He recently learned that his sister decided to go grocery shopping with her boyfriend, and while she was doing that, she left her 5-month-old son inside of her hot car.

It was 98 degrees outside that day, and somehow, nobody in the parking lot noticed the little boy in his car seat.

“Before anyone tells me I betrayed my family, she left her five months old baby, my nephew, inside a car,” he explained.

“She told me when I found out about this that she was ‘only’ gone for half an hour, walking through a grocery store with her boyfriend, while her baby is in a car parked out in the heat.”

“Yes, it’s really hot where we live too. Because of that, my nephew got a heatstroke.”

His sister took her baby to the doctor to be treated, and thankfully, the little boy is recovering from the ordeal.

He was so upset that his sister thought it was alright to do this to her son that he actually called the cops on her and reported her for endangering her child.

Right now, the police are in the middle of questioning his sister, but his mom and dad are livid with him for reporting her to the authorities in the first place.

Alena Ozerova – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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