His Wife Believes That His Divorced Parents Posed Inappropriately In Their Wedding Photos, And Now She Is Furious

This did not settle his wife, though, who still despises the images. And even though they tried to put the photo shoot behind them, it still caused a bunch of family drama last week when the couple went to dinner with his father and his stepmother.

At the dinner, his wife distributed his father’s copies of the photos. And then, she could not help but point out his father’s hand placement before badgering her father-in-law about it.

Apparently, she asked his father “why he took it upon himself to stage the pictures and why he thought that was an appropriate picture.”

But, his father really saw no issue– and just said that, at the time, it felt like a natural pose. Then, the conversation became more heated, and his father eventually told his wife to “calm down.” This did not go over well, though, and she immediately picked up an attitude.

So, at this point, he had to intervene and basically stick up for his father. “I said that he did not ruin the pictures and to leave him alone. Also, that it was such a minor thing and no one really cares,” he said.

He did also take a stand for his wife, though, and told his father to stop laughing at her– because, after all, seeing his wife upset is far from funny. Nonetheless, his attempt at mediation ultimately failed. Now, his wife is even angrier with him. In fact, she believes he has betrayed her and is not even trying to see things from her perspective.

So, he has been left wondering if getting in the middle and sticking up for his father was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think his wife has a right to be upset over the wedding photos or is she overreacting? Should he have tried to mediate, or would it have been best to stay out of it? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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