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In A Moment Of Anger, She Snapped At Her Husband That They Should Really Put Their Newborn Up For Adoption Since He Does Nothing To Help

She’s done her best in her role as a brand new mom to do what she can for her child, but she’s understandably feeling like she’s drowning in responsibilities.

She spends all night with her baby and all day as well.

The rare times her husband does try to take the baby, he speeds through feeding the baby and putting the baby to bed so he can rush back to his own activities.

Meanwhile, while her husband is speeding through all this, she has to choose between if she wants to do housework, sleep, eat some food, or take a shower.

Yesterday night, her husband came home from work really late and mentioned that he was too exhausted to help her with the baby.

“I told him I would do it, but the next night, he needed to take over all night with bottle feedings ’cause I’m losing my mind,” she said.

“He told me that he couldn’t because it left him too tired for work.”

“So, in a fit of rage, I said, “maybe we should just put the baby up for adoption.”

“He was so mad that he stormed out of the house, and I ended up with no shower, no sleep, and trying to eat between the 2-hour wake-ups that my kid does.”

She really does not want to put her baby up for adoption, and she only said that because she was not in a good place.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to her saying what she did, she’s left wondering if she was in the wrong to snap at her husband.

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