Jalapeño Rosé Is Taking Over TikTok And Here’s How You Can Create This Trendy Beverage

Everyone loves rosé because of its versatility. It is not too heavy or light and pairs well with just about any meal.

But, one TikTok creator decided to spice up the beverage– literally.

Allyssa Marshall, also known as @AllyssaInTheKitchen on TikTok, was recently doing a live stream when a follower challenged her to plop a spicy pepper into her rosé.

She has repeatedly shared her love of hot peppers with her social media fans, so the dare stemmed from that.

“The idea came from my love for spicy margaritas and a running joke amongst my followers that I am obsessed with jalapeño and add them to everything,” Allyssa said in an interview with Newsweek.

And after Allyssa sipped the spiced rosé during her live stream, she could not stop raving about it. Now, the unexpected concoction is taking over TikTok.

#JalapeñoRosé has skyrocketed to over eight hundred and thirty thousand views on the platform.

Plus, countless large influencers have hopped on the trend and credited Allyssa for the inspiration– including @Tinx and @QueenCityTrends.

TikTok; pictured above is Allyssa in her video

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