People Online Shared The Most Bizarre Dates They Have Ever Been On, And Some Of Them Are Pretty Cringe-Worthy

“So, I was persuaded into going to the theatre with him. The guy seemed a little eccentric and immature. But, other than that, there were no major red flags. He was just a bit of a man-child who was obsessed with Pokemon and anime.”

“Anyway, the movie had only come out a couple of days prior, and there was a long line at the ticket counter. We managed to get the last two tickets but, unfortunately, our seats ended up being in different parts of the theatre.”

“He had a Grade A meltdown. Imagine a guy in his late twenties getting bent out of shape– near tears and raising his voice– because he cannot sit beside me to watch a Pokemon movie. He literally bullied the couple sitting next to me to give up their seat, and they ended up leaving altogether.”

“I stayed and watched the whole movie with him but was not impressed by his behavior. It was embarrassing. I cut ties with him after that and ignored his messages until he took the hint.”


This Guy’s Date Came With Outrageous Rules

“I got set up by a friend with a girl. We spoke over the phone, and she said she needed to know where we were going in advance so she could get ‘approval from her parents.’ And, her brother would be joining us.”

“She was twenty-two, so it was weird. But I thought maybe it was a safety thing since they did not know me. I went ahead and took her to dinner and dancing.”

“Of course, I ended up having to pay for the brother’s meal and entry to the club. Then, the next thing I knew, it was 11:00 p.m., and she told me we had to leave because they had an 11:30 p.m. curfew.”

“She was cute and very nice, though, so I decided to give it another date. That time, though, she said her parents wanted to speak with me. Again, it was weird, but I said okay.”

“After I went in, they proceeded to tell me that their family is close and that if I wanted to keep seeing their daughter, I would have to agree to always having her brother or sister come along for her safety.”

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