Save Yourself Some Tears With This Revolutionary Onion Cutting Technique

Onions are a staple in so many beloved dishes. They can compliment softened bread and oozing cheese in classic French Onion Soup or fly solo when deep-fried into a Blooming Onion.

But, this widely favored ingredient is often also the most dreaded to cook with. Why? Because after cutting into an onion, people are brought to tears– literally.

And if you have ever wondered how such a delicious vegetable can cause so many unprompted emotions, you are not alone.

According to the National Onion Association, though, the true tear-jerking culprit is the onion’s root end.

So, the onion experts recommend that people do not cut the root end at all.

Instead, you should begin your ingredient prep by first chilling your onions for thirty minutes. Then, use a dicing method that avoids tampering with the root.

Melanie Lionello, a nutritionist, cookbook author, and foodie, recently shared an excellent root-avoiding technique on her Instagram account @FromMyLittleKitchen.

And the method is so easy that even novice chefs can successfully perform it!

Instagram; pictured above, Melanie dices an onion

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