She Called Her Wedding Off Just 3 Days Before She Was Set To Walk Down The Aisle After She Learned About What Her Fiancé Did On The Night Of His Bachelor Party

Her bridesmaid told her through tears that she had a video from the bachelor party that she needed to send to her.

Well, let’s just say the video was absolutely wild, and her fiancé had clearly broken every single rule that she had set for him.

There were female entertainers at the party, and her fiancé had been not only dancing with all of them; he also touched them in ways that were so not ok.

She took the video straight to her fiancé, and they began arguing over it before her fiancé decided to say sorry and try to get her to forgive him for what he did.

He also tried to claim that she did some silly things at her own party, too and that they were pretty much even.

Her fiancé swore to her that he would never behave in that way ever again for the rest of his life, but she had already decided that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I didn’t buy any of that, so I called off my wedding, and I announced it to my guests by sending them emails,” she said.

“I notified our families separately, and I’ve been called all names in the book by both families for doing so.”

“They said they understand why I might feel upset, but these things are normal to happen, and I should not let my emotions take over and how it’s irrational to call off a wedding which cost thousands over such a silly small thing.”

How her fiancé behaved isn’t a silly, forgivable thing in her book, and that’s why he’s currently her ex.

Her own mom and dad are not on her side, they have been accusing her of “embarrassing them” while also trying to push her to reconcile with her ex since she’s “throwing everything away.”

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