She Confronted A Mom In Her Mom Group Because She Thinks This Woman Has A Drinking Problem

The woman did not think that mixing alcohol with a water park– especially while watching children– was a good idea.

So, she felt like she had to speak up.

The woman was honest and said she did not think drinking would be smart that day. But, Sherry claimed it would be fine and that she actually “does it all the time.”

This alarmed the woman even more– not just for Sherry’s health and safety but also for her children’s.

So later that day, when the woman and Sherry were alone at the water park, the woman confronted her.

“I said, ‘Sherry, are you okay? Do you maybe need to talk to someone about your drinking?’ She looked shocked and said no, then acted like I was absolutely crazy,” the woman recalled.

In fact, Sherry went on to claim that her drinking habits were completely normal and that where she is from– in Atlanta– it is very typical for people to drink at social gatherings.

The woman did back down a bit after that but explained she had just gotten worried because she had never seen Sherry without a glass in her hand.

This made Sherry super upset and defensive, and she even told the woman to stop monitoring her.

Following the conversation, Sherry’s vibe was then totally off for the rest of the water park trip. And while the woman’s friend Lauren believes it was right to confront Sherry about her drinking, two other moms claimed it “caused a huge issue.”

And, Sherry has apparently been talking badly about the woman since then and called her a busybody behind her back.

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