She Didn’t Let Her Mom Move Her In To College This Weekend To Get Back At Her Mom For Letting Her Stepdad Exclude Her From Everything, And Now Her Mom’s Feelings Are Hurt

grigvovan - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old girl graduated from her high school an entire year early, so she decided to head off to college.

Last year, she completed a semester at a local community college so she could have a leg up, and last weekend, she moved on to the campus.

Midway through high school, she did end up living with her mom and her mom’s husband Ryan, as she has younger siblings who wanted to be able to spend time with her more before she got to college.

“As much as I loved being near my brother and sister, I hated living in the same house as Ryan because he and his family weren’t shy about the fact that they don’t really like me,” she explained.

“When he and my mom first got together, it was like I was being purposely excluded from everything he and his family would invite us to.”

“On holidays, I’d have a seat at the table, but no one would really talk to me; I’d be asked to take pictures instead of be in them, and any time I’d try to make an effort to be included, I was always told that it was “just for the family” not me.”

Ryan and his family really went out of their ways over the years to make her always feel less than her siblings and like she was not really part of the family at all.

She finally came to terms with the fact that her stepdad would ever like her or do anything to include her, and she pretty much gave up on having a relationship with him and his loved ones.

So, over the last year, she has been getting her belongings organized for her college move-in day; and many things she already brought over to her dad’s house.

grigvovan – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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