She Had A Baby With Her Former Flame, But Now This Guy Wants Their Baby To Spend A Lot Of Time Around His New Girlfriend That He’s Only Been Dating For A Week

“This is great. I want our daughter to have a strong bond with her father. So, when he was coming to pick up our daughter, he told me, “Oh, my GF will be coming as well.” Like what? No previous decision about this just sprung on me at the last second.”

“I was very much against this because this is a fairly new relationship, and I don’t even know her. But all he said to me was to trust him and that his older daughter has already met her.”

She really was not thrilled that he sprung this on her so last minute, but she let him take their daughter as she felt it was super important for her daughter to get to spend time with him, as well as her half-sister.

She thought that they were communicating decently up until then, and she felt upset that he brushed her concerns away. She’s not trying to tell him what he can or can’t do with his personal life, but she does think she should be able to weigh in on who their daughter gets to spend time with.

“I just feel that little babies form bonds with who they are around, and he thinks she’s a baby; it shouldn’t matter,” she continued. “I need any advice on what I should do moving forward! My daughter has already met her, and I know that she was holding her.”

“In what way can I communicate with my daughter’s father in a way that doesn’t seem like I’m attacking him or his relationship?”

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