She Had Her Little Sister’s Friend’s Car Towed Because She Kept Blocking Her Own Car In The Driveway Before Work

Instead, she has been forced to find the friend’s keys in the morning and move the car herself.

“Or, if I cannot find them, I have to wake her up to move her car. This has almost made me late for work every Saturday for the past five weeks,” the woman recalled.

So, after dealing with this issue for over a month now, she had had enough.

In turn, the woman decided to place a traffic cone behind her car this past Friday night before going to sleep in hopes of reminding the friend not to park there.

But, when she woke up bright and early for work Saturday morning, the woman realized the friend had moved the cone and parked behind her anyway.

What really infuriated the woman, though, was that were was a completely open space behind the woman’s sister plus plenty of street parking right in front of her home.

And at this point, she felt like nothing she said would ever get through to the friend.

So, she decided to take more drastic actions.

More specifically, the woman called a tow truck, had the friend’s car towed before going to work, and told the friend that if she parked there again, she was no longer welcome at the woman’s home.

And while she believes that her actions were completely justified, the woman later received angry texts and calls from both her sister and the friend claiming that she acted like a complete jerk.

So now, the woman is unsure if she overreacted or if it was simply time to put her foot down.

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