She Hurt Her Stepfather’s Feelings After Telling Him He Would Not Be Walking Her Down The Aisle At Her Wedding

olegzaicev - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this young woman was eleven years old, her father sadly passed away– leaving her mother to raise her and her three younger siblings alone.

But, by the time she turned fifteen, her mother had met a man named Luke.

And since her three siblings were so much younger, they had an easier time accepting Luke as a new father figure in their life and quickly regarded him as “dad.”

Nonetheless, she was much older and had plenty of memories with her biological father. So, by the time Luke got married to her mother, he was not much of a parental influence in her life.

In fact, she was already nearly moved out of her childhood home and only ever went to her mother for any guidance in her young adult life.

Still, while she is really grateful Luke was there for her mother and siblings in a different way, Luke does not see it that way.

Instead, their lackluster relationship, in which she never needed him or really wanted a personal connection with him, seriously bothers Luke.

“I thought he was great for my mom, but he was not someone I would seek out for life advice or a shoulder to cry on,” she explained.

“And I will go so far as saying he is not my current father figure– that would go to my grandpa who I have known the longest and turned to in times of trouble.”

olegzaicev – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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