She Learned These Fashion Secrets In The Pageant World And She’s Sharing Them On TikTok

Cameron, in particular, uses a red color corrector as it helps with her under-eye circles. She also recommends putting this product under your concealer. Speaking of tan lines and beauty products, the TikToker highly recommends dipping out on the tanning beds and professional spray tans as self-tanner does the job.

Save your money by getting yourself a mitt and mouse. Sure adding self-tanner to your back can be quite difficult. If you have no one around to help you apply this product, try placing your mitt onto a velvet hanger. Who would have thought a velvet hanger would do the trick? Apparently, it applies your self-tanner perfectly.

Of course, when it comes to beauty pageants, one of the top priorities is your hair. Ponytail extensions are great for enhancing your aesthetic when you are feeling spunky and want to mix it up for the night.

Cameron found the perfect ponytail for only $10 on Amazon. She also recommends braiding them as they give “so much pizazz.” The last item on the list is blister Band-Aids. Of course, this is something we often never consider when shoe shopping.

We tend to try a few things on and say, “I’ll break them in, no problem!” However, most of us don’t consider adding these band-aids to our shopping carts, let alone our purses. Save yourself from next-day blisters by grabbing this lifesaving item.

For more exciting fashion hacks and beauty secrets, be sure to check out Cam’s page here.

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