She Made Her Husband Sleep In A Hotel For Telling Their 10-Year-Old Son That He Doesn’t Like Him As Much As The Daughter He Has From Another Marriage

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A 42-year-old woman is married to her 45-year-old husband, and together, they have a son who is 10.

Her husband entered their marriage with his daughter, now 17, and her husband had her when he married someone else.

“He’s always been super close to her, and I think she’s a great girl,” she explained. “But I always felt like he favored her over my son.”

“He buys her more stuff, goes out with her more, etc. She comes over to our house on weekends and was with us for a month but went back to her mom a few days ago.”

“He and his ex go out with her a lot, and they all have a good relationship with each other, but sometimes they go out more than our family does. But he doesn’t see her a lot, so I understand.”

She and her husband had been dating for about a month, and then she became pregnant with their son.

Her husband decided that he wanted to be there for her and raise the baby together, so several months after their son was born, she and her husband tied the knot.

Her husband has never been that close to their son, and at first, she thought it was because her husband had planned on having his daughter, but they obviously hadn’t planned on their son.

As the years went by, though, she figured her husband would stop feeling that way, but he still favors his daughter.

InsideCreativeHouse – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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