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She Moved To Texas Just For Her Husband, But Now She Desperately Wants To Go Home To London Along With Their Baby Girl

There are a couple of other things that are adding to her feeling that it would be better for her daughter to grow up in London as she did.

She did mention to her husband that she would prefer to move back to London with their daughter, and her husband felt that she was intentionally trying to offend where he is from, along with his whole family of Texans.

“My husband acts like being from Texas is his defining quality,” she said.

“We had a huge argument where he accused me of using current events as an excuse, I’d been planning this all along, and I’d never wanted to move in the first place.”

“He said I’m being stuck up and snobby and /so/ British about this (this made me laugh which didn’t help at all) and I’ve never even given Texas a chance.”

Her husband’s entire family lives in Texas, so he’s unwilling to pick up and leave them, especially considering that his mom and dad are elderly.

While she does feel for her husband wanting to be close to his parents as they age, she still wants out.

In regards to her family, her mom and dad have been living in Spain since retiring, and her sibling moved to Canada so although she has no family left in London, that’s still where she prefers to be.

After having this disagreement about where they should live with her husband, he hasn’t been acting like himself.

She’s wondering how they can resolve their issue, and she admits that she does regret moving to Texas in the first place.

How do you think they can resolve this?

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