She Only Invited 5 Friends To Her Son’s Birthday Party, And The Other Moms Are Furious She Did Not Invite The Whole Class

Raisa Kanareva - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-eight-year-old mother has a wonderful eight-year-old son.

And last school year, her son was super excited for his first year attending the “big kids’ school,” as he calls it, because his first grade school year had been remote due to the pandemic.

So, when it came time to celebrate his birthday in April, she wanted to throw him the best party with his new friends that she could. Still, though, she was financially struggling.

“We are not in the best place financially. Like most families, our consumer debt piled on, and we are throwing every spare cent at it,” she explained.

So, while preparing the guest list for her son’s party, she only invited five classmates. She believed these kids were the ones her son truly considered his friends anyway.

But, the invites were not handed out during class time in front of the other students. Instead, she delivered all of the invitations directly to the children’s homes to avoid anyone feeling excluded.

Plus, for the rest of the students, she even sent two dozen cupcakes and juice boxes for an in-class birthday celebration.

She also ingeniously planned the party to be both budget-friendly and wildly fun.

“Money was tight, so I got creative. I made nine small cakes and buttercream in different colors. I also made big sugar cookies and different colored frosting and sprinkles. Finally, I bought tortillas, made pizza sauce, and had a variety of toppings,” she recalled.

Raisa Kanareva – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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