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She Paid For Her Family’s Vacation And Is Upset She Has Been Left Babysitting Her Sister’s Children The Whole Trip

However, she did keep her feelings to herself in an effort not to dampen the vacation. But then, the woman’s sister accused her of ruining it by having a “long face” all of the time. That completely pissed the woman off.

“I said, ‘What do you mean ruining your vacation? I paid for it. This is my vacation,'” the woman recalled, which started an entire argument.

Still, though, her sister did not get it. She yelled at the woman for being a lousy aunt and not wanting to spend time with her nephew. Meanwhile, the woman accused her sister of just inviting herself along on the trip.

Eventually, the sister did leave the hotel room, and their mom sided with her. Now, the woman has been left crying alone in her hotel room and is confused about what to do.

She is stuck there with the pair until the end of the week and cannot stand dealing with her family any longer.

Do you think it was wrong for the woman to get annoyed about caring for her nephew? Or should she be able to do whatever she wants since this is her vacation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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