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She Refused To Leave Her Date Early To Let Her Roommate Back Into Their Dorm Room After She Forgot Her Keys

When her date was finished, and she walked outside, she saw that it was pouring, and clearly, the rain had been coming down for some time.

She dropped her date home and then began heading back to the dorms.

As she did, she sent another text to Quinn, wondering if she was at a different building on campus in an effort to keep out of the rain and stay dry.

“But when I made it back to the dorm, Quinn had just been standing outside the building, barely out of the rain, and had been there since I turned off my phone,” she said.

“I asked why she hadn’t gone anywhere, but she was very mad with me for not letting her in, saying I left her in the cold and the rain and that it was unsafe for her to be left out alone, especially on a college campus as a woman.”

“I told her that I can’t plan my life about being on standby to let her in and out of the dorm, and she didn’t get seriously hurt, just a little wet and cold, nothing a warm shower and change of clothes wouldn’t be able to fix.”

Quinn was so unhappy about having to wait outside for her, and even after she was let into the building, she spent the remainder of the trip to their dorm room insisting that if the tables had been turned, she would have canceled her date early.

She freaked out on Quinn and told her that this should be a lesson to not forget her keys constantly.

“Quinn wants to go to the RA about it now to have the incident documented, and I told her I don’t really care, but if she sets up a meeting, I’ll be there to tell my side of the story,” she continued.

Now, she’s left feeling terrible that she couldn’t keep her cool and that Quinn got soaked waiting for her to come home.

Do you think she’s wrong for not heading home to let Quinn in as soon as she got that text?

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